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Oil additives



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  • Product description:Chemical composition: Screened aromatic amines Metal deactivating agent Metal passiva

Chemical composition:


Screened aromatic amines


Metal deactivating agent


Metal passivating agent


Cleaning dispersant


quality index


Tan liquid



Freezing point



Miscible with gasoline


Performance use:

Aromatic amines can provide active hydrogen atoms in gasoline and terminate the radical chain reaction of aromatic hydrocarbons, thus inhibiting the oxidation of hydrocarbons.

The metal passivating agent can inhibit the catalytic action of metal ions on the oxidation of hydrocarbons and reduce the formation of glial.

A detergent dispersant can dissolve the resulting gum so that it does not coagulate. Therefore, DAEON202 gasoline antioxidant detergent is widely used in gasoline blending to improve the induction period of various types of catalytic gasoline.


Usage method

A metering pump is added to a gasoline mixing line and mixed with gasoline through a static mixer. Before adding, it is recommended to use gasoline to dilute 10-20% solution, adding amount is determined by laboratory deployment, the general amount of added 20-40ppm.


Packaging storage and transportation:

200L drum, net weight 170kg/ barrel. Standardized storage and transportation according to flammable and toxic chemicals.

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